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“Australia’s BIGGEST and BOLDEST business event for the world of accountancy and finance.”

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4000+ attendees  | 2500+ Partners/CEOs  |  150+ Exhibitors  |  100+ Speakers  |  46 Hours of CPD Education




There is no escaping it… technology is fundamentally changing the way you work. The market demands you learn new skills – such as sales, marketing and advisory – to survive. Even the way you charge is changing. Find the tools and services you need to accelerate your firm’s growth and profitability.

  • Watch peer-led demonstrations of high-tech practices
  • Know the global trends in accounting and how to survive them
  • Hear the latest techniques to maximise practice efficiency
  • Understand new business models and how to implement them
  • Learn the secrets to growing quickly



Data entry is as good as dead – or it will be in a few short years. That means bookkeeping has to change. What are the crucial steps to prospering? Hear from bookkeepers who have cracked the code for building a new type of bookkeeping business.

  • Hear how to add high-value services that your clients want
  • Learn how to systemise your business – and your clients’
  • Understand the coming impact from Single Touch Payroll
  • Find out where your next best client will come from – and how to meet them
  • Learn how to build a team and scale beyond casuals



If you’re in charge of finance then you already know that we’re moving through a turmoil of innovation. New thinking and new methods can help you renegotiate the cost of doing business. Are you opening the door to the next level of efficiency or are you standing in the way?

  • Hear how top CFOs keep pace in high-growth companies
  • Understand the impact of disruptive technologies on the accounting function
  • Compare the latest cloud-based systems for ambitious businesses
  • Find the best options for the next step in your career
  • Learn how to unlock new profit centres inside your business



The speed of change in financial planning is truly dizzying. If you’re not dealing with new legislation you’re looking over your shoulder at robo-advisors and ambitious algorithms. No-one can afford to be complacent. The question is – are you ready to do something about it?

  • Learn how to maximise for growth and profit
  • Understand the trends, from robo-advice to cross-industry M&A
  • Hear about marketing tactics specific to SMSF businesses
  • Compare the leading solutions
  • Learn how to scale your clients and profits